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Some of our clients, with whom we
work and learn with, have said this about us:

“We found a strategic partner in SED, one that works from the heart in every project. We totally trust that we are going to get a quality result, well thought, without shortcuts and with high impact. They are a team that understand your needs and only brings to the table suggestions that we all can feel proud of.”
Diana Riofrio
Brand and Communication Chief
“SED team could give MAC’s visual identity a fresher and livelier sensation, closer to the diversity of audiences that we want to reach. The result was an all-rounder graphic proposal that works for the different projects in the museum and allows us to position ourselves as a contemporary art in Peru."
Nicolás Gómez Echeverri
Executive Director
“We always look for the brand to be created with care and that it can be conveyed in each contact point. We couldn’t find a better team than Daniela’s –they lived for every detail of the development of each design piece and even the name´s creation."
Ernesto De Olazábal
Co-Founder & General Manager
“We chose SED to redesign our visual identity after briefing 5 agencies in 4 countries. We picked SED for the quality of their previous projects and for the integrity and closeness that we felt from Daniela and her team since day one. The results were spectacular. We gained a more compelling brand, with an iconic and flexible visual identity that we can use in different media and for many years. Also, we built a really nice relationship with them, one of mutual admiration, trust and friendship.”
Ana María Martínez F.
Partner & COO
“SED turns challenging ideas into innovative and unique designs. Our projects work very well with them. They always want to deeply understand the creative concept and then, they convey it in a compelling graphic language.”
Sergio Romero
Brand Manager
“We wanted an agency that could help us create a powerful brand and SED exceeded our expectations. I believe that there are two particular things that differentiate them from other agencies: Their skill to synthesize (they can bring really abstract and broad concepts into specific ideas with a great power) and their quality to convey these concepts into the visual world.”
Pedro Neira
CEO & Founder
“We worked with SED for the redesign of our logo and packages. The result was amazing and it exceeded our expectations. All the team showed a great passion, patience and dedication in each step of the process. They understood every detail about what our brand and business represents, to finally convey it through a unique desing which has history behind to tell.”
Francesca Valdivia
“There is a special emotion you feel before you see one of the presentations of the SED team. You are always certain that you will get a cross-cutting approach with a high degree of professionalism and depth. But, at the same time, there is a good amount of creative and innovative proposals that seek to plainly challenge the status quo and that always make the process enjoyable and enriching.”
Alvaro del Carpio
Associate and Commercial Manager
  • Food and beverage
  • _Alicorp
  • _Cerveza Candelaria
  • _Ecoandino (Inkani)
  • _Happy Coco
  • _INTIRA Gin
  • _Mon Amande
  • _Paneros
  • _Peruanica
  • _Pisco El Boquerón
  • _PROTS!
  • _Q´uma Chocolate
  • _San Fernando
  • Culture and Arts
  • _Folk
  • _MAC Museo de Arte
  • _Momento
  • Banking and Finance
  • _AC Capitales
  • _Core Capital
  • _Faro Capital
  • _Interbank
  • _LXG Capital
  • Construction
  • _Instaplac
  • Personal Care
  • _Alma Silvestre
  • _Moena
  • _United Yoga
  • _Weleda
  • Education
  • _Colegio Roosevelt
  • _Emprende UP (U. Pacífico)
  • _Senati
  • _Trazzo Visual
  • _UTEC
  • Hospitality
  • _Libre Hotel
  • _Sumaq
  • _Volcanic
  • Real Estate
  • _Armando Paredes
  • _Ascèndio
  • _Centenario
  • _Comunal
  • _Dormeson
  • _Graña y Montero
  • _Grau 810
  • _HBU
  • _Labok
  • _Maro
  • _Modo Coliving
  • _PLASS
  • Fashion
  • _Ascendia
  • _Estrafalario
  • _Sideral
  • ONG
  • _Fundación Peruana de Cáncer
  • Restaurants
  • _Astrid & Gastón
  • _Café de Lima
  • _Civitano
  • _Madrísima
  • _Mi propiedad Privada
  • _Papatas
  • _Quispe & Mamani
  • Retail
  • _Día del Shopping
  • _Lima Modern
  • _WUD
  • Health
  • _Wong Oftalmólogos
  • Professional Services
  • _ALTIS
  • _Agree
  • _Aporta (grupo BRECA)
  • _Chola Recia
  • _Delmar Ugarte Abogados
  • _Dínamo
  • _Ergomatic
  • _Espacio101
  • _Kresalja IP
  • _LUPA
  • _Servex
  • _Sodexo
  • _TRU Arquitectos
  • _Viviana Velarde
  • Social
  • _Sánima
  • Technology
  • _Culqi
  • _Emptor
  • _Krealo (Grupo Crédito)
  • _Kurios
  • _Laboratoria
  • _Megabite
  • _PerúApps / Moventi
  • _Uber
  • Textile
  • _Sudamericana de Fibras
  • _Perú Pima