Behind the Branding: Megabite, a Brand Hungry for the Future

Behind the Branding: Megabite, a Brand Hungry for the Future

Sed Estudio 11.04.2024

Client referrals lead us to Pedro Neira, whom we met at a Comunal workshop some time ago. This time it was 2021, in the midst of quarantine, when Pedro called us to tell us about a big project he had: developing the branding for a dark kitchens holding, a big one, eager to make a splash.

Megabite has been one of the brands that has sat at the table with the most ambition, telling us what they had in mind. One of the first things they said was: “this starts in Peru but goes worldwide.” Pedro Neira combined his extensive experience in technology with the expertise of MCK restaurant founders, Diego de la Puente and Diego Herrera, known for creating innovative gastronomic concepts for the world. It was the perfect fusion. And they had it clear: they wanted to be the best FoodTech company in Latin America.

The idea of the partners was for Megabite (which didn’t have a name yet) to have its own app and collect data to identify hotspots in the city and monitor consumer behavior by studying their order histories, etc. All of this to create more personalized gastronomic proposals, better products, and experiences tailored to the tastes and needs of their customers.

And here’s where we have to say that the brands that generate the most pride for us as a studio have always been the most demanding clients. No one ever said that creating powerful brands was easy. But at the same time, creating Megabite was, in a way, because its founders had a very clear idea of what they wanted; and generally, clients who know what they want always demand that you reach your maximum level.


A Technological Bite

Conceptually, the founders brought the idea of FoodTech, and that marked the path from the beginning. It had to be understood that the business was about food but above all about technology because no one was making food with a technological focus in Peru.

First, we did the naming. Megabite emerged because we used the reference of “megabyte” but changed the “byte” to “bite”, uniting in one word the two worlds where the brand would live. With this bite in mind, we designed a logo that translated that small but significant change. We made a nod in the letter B: a bite shaped like a pixel. And on the other hand, we chose a font with futuristic vibes and a green color very characteristic of the world of code, the first screens. We proposed marked contrasts and typographic scales as important as what Megabite had to say. In short, we created a visual system with character, contemporary, digital, versatile, and agile.


Eat the Future

Megabite also had to raise capital. One of its main stakeholders was investors. And this was decisive because the brand had to project hunger for the future. The partners had to be able to sit at the table with an investor with the support of a brand that looked and felt important.

At Sed, we know that when you have clear not only how the brand should look or what personality it will have but also what you want it to say and how you want it to do it, you have all the ingredients served to create a discourse with character. And in branding, brands with a discourse are the ones that connect most with people. Megabite had a lot to say, and we had to find a very attractive way to do it.

That’s how the slogan “Eat the future” was born, which ended up shaping the identity. It summarized with great force the brand’s ambition and its way of being in the world. How did it come about? It was an iteration with the client. We gave them options, and they bounced back with their input. In fact, we love it when we can’t remember if it was us or them because it’s the result of a mental exchange where something that makes sense to everyone is rounded out.


Creating a Tribe Proud to Belong

We also realized that for Megabite to achieve what it wanted, it had to generate a sense of belonging in its team. It was important for people to feel like they were working in an innovative company with important goals that invited its people to be part of a big dream.

Therefore, one of the most important tasks was the design of the Welcome Kit for its collaborators. We designed a box that said Eat the future, with a sticker with each person’s name so they could feel part of the story. Inside was the uniform. We thought of one that didn’t feel like an obligation but reflected the personality of the brand, that people would want to wear, and that was comfortable. That’s why our references came from the world of streetwear.

We felt that we had really achieved it when we saw a photo of the partners wearing merchandising (caps and shirts) from their own brand. They felt that it fit them well and felt comfortable and proud to wear their shirt. We realized that we had helped create a tribe. And it’s that Megabite has been one of the brands with which we have been able to verify how branding powerfully impacts a company’s culture.

Today, Megabite’s branding remains as determined as its ambition, as versatile as its creativity, and still relevant for what’s to come. They already operate in Mexico and recently partnered with a successful restaurant holding in New York to create something even bigger. We admire this brand’s ability to execute what was a dream a few years ago, but not so many years ago. Long live Megabite!


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